Our experience with public colleges and universities has included new construction, fast-track renovations and restoration projects to support a full range of campus uses including lecture halls, dining facilities, athletic complexes, computer labs, and on campus retail businesses. We understand that safe and smooth campus operations must be a top priority throughout construction.

Brooks Science Academy

32,000 square foot ground up plus interior project.

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20,500 square foot new ground up office rehabilitation project.

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UTSA – JPL Special Collections

4,800 square foot interior project.

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UTSA – East End Fields

Installed 4 football fields plus constructed a 4,000 square foot locker room, interior / exterior.

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UTSA – Baseball / Softball Locker Room G/U Buildings

10,200 square foot ground up interior project.

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Additional Education Projects

Giant Steps Early Learning

7,800 square foot ground-up / interior project.

JISD New Band Hall / Renovation

10,000 square foot interior / exterior project.

JISD Middle School / Renovation

95,000 square foot interior / exterior project.

MMH – SCHI Dorm Renovation

22,000 square foot interior / exterior project.

UTSA Facility Building

23,500 square foot ground-up / interior project.

UTSA JPL Renovation

42,000 square foot interior project.

UTSA North Paseo Infill Project

92,000 square foot interior / exterior project.

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